Philips Avance HR1871 800 Watt Whole Fruit Juicer GIVEAWAY!!! WIN yourself a gift that will change your life for 2014.


juicerPhilips Avance HR1871 Whole Fruit Juicer with XXL Tube – 800 Watt

Maximum juice. Minimum fuss.

Makes 10% more juice and clean up within a minute!

This Philips juicer extracts even more juice from your fruit and vegetables. Cleaning has never been easier thanks to the innovative quick-clean sieve and integrated pulp container. Treat yourself with the joy of healthy homemade juice! £200.00 (Suggested retail price)

I am so thrilled to be giving away one of my favourite products! As many of you know, I am big into my juices! With a life full of fighting foodcrimes my schedule is hectic and I am always on the go which makes it difficult to sometimes get enough of the good stuff into my system. Juicing has been such a positive change for me. I felt so good inside and out after my first few days I ended up cutting out caffeine and alcohol from my lifestyle. I just enjoyed the endless energy, never feeling lethargic due to the weight of processed and heavy foods and I was starting to shed body fat and see my hard earned muscles. I didn’t realise how puffy I was all over which just seemed to tighten up when my body was finally working at its maximum and all clean! I of course do not survive only on juices! It is important to still have a balanced diet and get in your fibre, but making sure to include juices in your daily routine will ensure you are getting all the right vitamins and nutrients to live optimally! And it feels GREAT!

When I was given the Philips HR1871 advanced juicer to try I was simply pleased to finally have a juicer that didn’t take up all the counter top space in my kitchen! What I discovered however was that it was much more than just a space saver. This juicer is so much quieter – my cat doesn’t even go running out of the room when I turn it on anymore – and it juices everything so that you get the maximum amount of juice from the produce!  I was so surprised that the reminiscence in the bucket was dry! One of the great things I learnt to do was make my juices in advance and freeze them immediately to lock in the nutrients. I now – if on the run – thaw my juices the night before in order to take them with me! It is of course much better to drink them fresh and shortly after juicing – but freezing them still helps to keep the nutrients and is a huge help for busy bodies like myself to still get in my juices.


The best thing about this juicer is that it extracts much of the juice even from dark leafy greens – which is where most of the most beneficial nutrients are hiding – even kale. The only complaint I have about this juicer is that is can be a pain inserting leafy greens like kale into the tube – it could use a wider mouth on the top of the tube. Otherwise, this juicer has made my life much simpler – its easier to clean, juices quickly and without me having to cut the fruit or vegetables up into chunks. Also, the parts of the Philips HR1871′s are all BPA free and can easily be chucked into the dishwasher. Over all this juicer is amazing and definitely gets my stamp of approval!


This juicer giveaway will be just in time for you to start a new (or continue with ease), healthy lifestyle routine for the new year! After all the “treating” ourselves over the holidays it will be a welcomed break for your body to clean itself up and start working fresh for 2014.
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If you have a friend of family member who you think also deserves a chance to win or who may desperately need to change their health habits – share this with them and urge them to take part! Winning a sweet new juicer can be all the motivation they need! Plus my articles should wake them up to the shocking world of FOOD!
This competition is open to those living within the EU, US and Canada. The winner will be announced on New Years Day! Now that’s something to look forward to!
Good Luck!

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  1. Fab prize! And great blog/ Subscribed as ohsogawjess at gmail dot com.
    Twitter @jeressica
    facebook Jessica Righart

  2. This is a great prize! I subscribed to get your newsletters and left a facebook post. Hope I am entered now.

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