Olive it road show

I am so excited to be able to offer Food Girl readers the chance to win this extraordinary experience! It’s a foodie’s dream and I will be so jealous of the winner!

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What the Cluck??? It’s Chicken Month! What you need to know about the chicken you’re buying from your grocery store…

What the Cluck Help US

September is National Chicken Month and the ASPCA is raising awareness about the plight of chickens raised on factory farms in order to inspire the us – the public – to demand chicken be raised in healthier, more humane conditions. According to findings from a national survey just released, more than ¾ of chicken consumers wish there were more humanely-raised options available to buy at their local grocery stores.

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A Meatless Monday Italian Affair: Courgette (zucchini) pasta using the Veggetti & some delicious sides your guests will never forget!

The Food Girl Vegetti

I am always seeking ways to get creative with healthy meals – especially when trying to show my friends that eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring! It certainly is not and I think I more than proved that this week! I bought myself the very easy to use and not expensive Veggetti gadget to turn a regular courgette (or Zucchini to my north american friends) into pasta! It has such a similar texture and really satisfies that craving when you are trying to reduce your intake of things like pasta, rice and potatoes. Even if you are not, this is a great way to sneak in more vegetables into your diet, or your kiddies meals without them even noticing!

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Nestle, Coca-Cola and Unilever stand to gain the most from the obesity epidemic and are in charge of health policy!?

Wolf in Sheeps Clothing2

There is a huge conflict of interest issue going on right now between our government, the food industry and public health. Yet to us, as consumers, all we get to see and hear about is the fantastic job big food companies are doing to help alleviate obesity through promoting fitness and sporting events or by simply producing new and exciting “diet” versions of their products. Foods are being labelled with all sorts of stamps of approval and pairing with health focused charities and organisations like the Breast Cancer Association or even the likes of the World Health Organisation. With well organised entities like this backing products from Nestle, Coca-Cola and Unilever, how can they not be a good choice for us to buy?

This is exactly what they want us to think. I am sick to death of following these food companies tactics and seeing the deceit happen right in front of our eyes and having no one looking out for the health and well-being of the public. The concentrated power in the food industry today is frightening and most of us would never even realise it! The food industry has huge and concentrated market power. In the US alone, the 10 largest food companies control more than half of a;; global food sales! worldwide this proportion adds up to approximately 15% and it is still rising.

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Pound for Pound: The True Cost of Obesity

Pound for pound; the true cost of obesity by Jennifer Parker

Many of us have been hearing about the cost to health care systems the rising obesity crises is causing in order to treat diet related illnesses such as type II diabetes, heart disease and various cancers. However, there are many more costs being absorbed by society and individuals than we’re being told! Read my recently published article here to learn more.

Pepsi-Co’s “new” cola’s now made with “REAL SUGAR”!? How stupid do they think we are?

pepsi made with real sugar

I rarely get the chance to sit down in front of the tv, but after a long day of researching I wanted to ease my brain and so I actually turned it on. Within minutes, instead of easing my brain I have witnessed the most disgusting attempt to insult our intelligence and abuse our confusion over all the recent media exposure about High Fructose Corn Syrup(HFCS) and Sugar (see my post on the health harms of sugar here). Pepsi Co. has come out with a “new line” of products made from “REAL SUGAR” !!!???

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It’s all our fault we’re fat!


We all seem to believe what we hear when the food industry points to individual responsibility for why obesity has suddenly increased – over shooting the number of those hungry in the world. But is this indeed true?
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The Cost of Healthy Food: Food Girl on BBC News 5 Live Radio

The Cost of Healthy Food

Today I went head-to-head against author Rob Lyons of the book Panic on a Plate which perceives the current attention on public health matters due to diet related diseases and the need for healthy food as a simple media scare rather than a serious and urgent issue.

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Chocolate-Chip Cookie Dough Paleo Protein Balls! A Perfect way to get your protein in on Meatless Monday!

FOODgirlUK Chocolate chip cookie dough paleo protein balls

In light of all the research I have been undertaking about the health, environmental and human rights harms of sugar, I have been consciously cutting back on my consumption of the white stuff. I am not much of a baker myself, but boy do I love my deserts – which makes this reduction in my diet very difficult! SO, I have set out to find or make treats I can have that will satisfy my sweet tooth without compromising my health, the health of the environment or take advantage of people across the globe just so I can get my fix! And I will declare I have found it!

I promise you this recipe will not disappoint! I have made the most delicious protein balls (if I do say so myself) and I am not ashamed to say it! They taste just like chocolate chip cookie dough! But remember, these are still high in some sugars as they are 1/3 made up of dates and do contain one dark chocolate chip per ball…it is not sugar free, so please enjoy these as a TREAT! (I know it will be difficult to contain yourselves). I enjoy mine in the afternoon with a black cup of coffee (I usually use almond or coconut milk in my coffee but these snacks are rich enough).

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THIS IS BLOWING MY MIND!!! McDonald’s is training children to work in their stores!

photo (2)

Notice the similarity?????

I received an email today from Yoni Freedhoff about McDonald’s Kiddie Camps that have been training children to work in McDonald’s since 1991!!!!!!!!!!!

Check out McDonald’s Kiddie Crew recruitment page HERE!!!! THIS IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING!!

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