The Cost of Healthy Food: Food Girl on BBC News 5 Live Radio

The Cost of Healthy Food

Today I went head-to-head against author Rob Lyons of the book Panic on a Plate which perceives the current attention on public health matters due to diet related diseases and the need for healthy food as a simple media scare rather than a serious and urgent issue.

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Chocolate-Chip Cookie Dough Paleo Protein Balls! A Perfect way to get your protein in on Meatless Monday!

FOODgirlUK Chocolate chip cookie dough paleo protein balls

In light of all the research I have been undertaking about the health, environmental and human rights harms of sugar, I have been consciously cutting back on my consumption of the white stuff. I am not much of a baker myself, but boy do I love my deserts – which makes this reduction in my diet very difficult! SO, I have set out to find or make treats I can have that will satisfy my sweet tooth without compromising my health, the health of the environment or take advantage of people across the globe just so I can get my fix! And I will declare I have found it!

I promise you this recipe will not disappoint! I have made the most delicious protein balls (if I do say so myself) and I am not ashamed to say it! They taste just like chocolate chip cookie dough! But remember, these are still high in some sugars as they are 1/3 made up of dates and do contain one dark chocolate chip per ball…it is not sugar free, so please enjoy these as a TREAT! (I know it will be difficult to contain yourselves). I enjoy mine in the afternoon with a black cup of coffee (I usually use almond or coconut milk in my coffee but these snacks are rich enough).

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THIS IS BLOWING MY MIND!!! McDonald’s is training children to work in their stores!

photo (2)

Notice the similarity?????

I received an email today from Yoni Freedhoff about McDonald’s Kiddie Camps that have been training children to work in McDonald’s since 1991!!!!!!!!!!!

Check out McDonald’s Kiddie Crew recruitment page HERE!!!! THIS IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING!!

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Eating organic foods are proving to be healthier and more nutritious


I went to see the new movie Lucy the other night and watched as Lucy, once using 40% of her brain capacity, was able to diagnose her friend with poorly functioning kidneys…her response to her friend:

Your kidneys are not functioning well and will fail you. You need to make some lifestyle changes: take this prescription, exercise, eat organic…you’ll be ok

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So THIS is why we should cut back on meat!?

Cutting Out Meat – One Day at a Time

Food Girl - Time to cut back on meat

I know for many of you the thought of giving up a day without eating meat seems daunting! My very own brother and some of our friends (especially the men) always laugh at the prospect.
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Meatless Monday Fresh Veggielicious Vietnamese Spring Rolls!

FoodGirlUK Veggielicious Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Not only is this recipe refreshingly delicious its healthy and easy to prepare and most importantly full of nutritional goodness.
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Paleo Turkey Pizza!

FoodGirlUK Turkey Pizza Ingredients

Well as promised, here is what I made with the ingredients I showed above…did you guess right?

This is an incredibly tasty, healthy and easy dish to make that will impress the entire family. I love making this dish as I am super busy and always on the run so making this for myself lasts me 3-4 meals – I can eat it at anytime of the day, dress it up with a side salad or other veg, or simply grab a slice and go! It’s full of lean protein, low in bad fats and no refined sugars! It’s a bread free pizza in fact! Check out how I did it:

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ATTENTION ALL HUMANS: Plants and animals have declared independence!

Attention readers: plants and animals declare independence! You can watch the breaking story as it unfolds here:


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Have you been fooled by these sneaky labeling tricks? A look at the latest craze in vitamin waters.

The truth about vitamin water REVEALED…

FoodGirlUK Vitamin Water Warning

As a nation the second we mention vitamins we all go crazy to have these “enhanced”, “health boosting” products. However, these vitamin packed products are not as great as they sound. In fact, many are simply masking the garbage that is actually inside!

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Meatless Monday takes on a summer vegetable and goats cheese quiche!


Foodgirluk Meatless Monday Quiche
 This quiche is so versatile it can be used for brunch, lunch or dinner. It can be served hot or cold and is the perfect light and fresh dish, perfect on a hot summers day. It’ll be sure to win the whole family over!

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