Ways to reduce food waste this Thanksgiving & Christmas while getting more for your money!


Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends! While my site is underconstruction here is a post reminding you to reduce your waste by making some scrumptious meals with your leftovers! Also included are some fab healthy side dish ideas your body (and tastebuds) will thank you for!)

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Thanksgiving is a time to share with your friends and family in order to commemorate all there is to be thankful for over the past year. Americans and Canadians celebrate this holiday over a bountiful feast similar to traditional British Christmas dinner. There is usually a gigantic turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and tons of vegetable and other delicious fixings.

Trouble is, after everyone has gorged on the feast, there is usually so much left and people find it hard to figure out what to do with all the left overs! There are only so many turkey and stuffing sandwiches one can eat.

With money being tight for many people this time of year, and the environment feeling the pressure of a rapid population increase and poor usage of land to keep up with food production and consumption reducing what we throw away ourselves and being able to use it for…

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The Food Girl is Going International!


I am so excited to finally get to share what  I have been tirelessly working on over the past year!

With all of your support FoodGirlUK has grown so fast and is being recognised and published internationally! This demanded that I change my site and social media to The Food Girl, dropping the ‘UK’. So, launching in December will be my shiny new site, which will be more interactive, organised, easy to read and find the things that interest you most!

Also, you will be able to download my new e-books! That’s right! 2 books absolutely free! The Food Girl’s Juicilicious Juicing Guide with all the information you need to get in all the right nutrients for a healthier you with some fabulous juice recipes and The Food Girl’s Favourite Foods Made Healthy. This book will show you where to find hidden sugars and how to make them easily and affordably at home!

With that in mind there will no longer be posts at this web address. So please be patient while we take down this site. You can find the new one at http://www.Food-Girl.com Please remember to bookmark this site and allow email alerts!

And in case you didn’t already know, you can continue to follow me on twitter @The_Food_Girl and on Instagram @The_Food_Girl

Can’t wait to return in December!

‘Til then…

The Food Girl


ICN2 Rome 2014

This week the world’s governments are gathering in Rome for a conference that aims to address malnutrition in all its forms. Following the conference I attended back in May in Geneva, an open letter calling for a binding treaty has been sent to the heads of the WHO and FAO, co-authored by Consumers International (1), the World Obesity Federation, the UK Health Forum and consumer groups in Fiji and Mexico, with the support of over 320 individuals and organisations! This is very exciting news! Things are starting to shake up!

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The UK’s regulatory environment misses the mark on promoting healthy diets

Unhealthy Food Environments Foodgirluk

The Coalition Government’s approach to obesity-prevention is relying too heavily on food industry participation, seeing the policy decision making power handed over to those who produce the foods which contribute and perpetuate to the obesity problem, allowing them to make the rules for which they chose to abide by. This is seeing the pressure put upon individuals to make lifestyle changes in a sea of unsupported and unhealthy food environments. Government should be helping to shape these environments making it easier to chose healthy food options and more difficult to chose the unhealthy foods! Read my article recently published about where the Government is missing the mark on tackling obesity here.

The Future of Food Seminar Series Kicks Off Tomorrow

FullSizeRenderThere are some exciting things happening all around Britain over the next 18 months addressing critical food issues! Tomorrow (October 29, 2014) marks the first of the Future of Our Food seminars! See below for the schedule and more information.

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Chipotle Black Bean Chilli with Avocado for a Deliciously Spicy Meatless Monday


I love trying new recipes especially meatless meals I can share with you on Meatless Monday! This one I received from Hellofresh.com. It’s bursting with flavour and full of your essential nutrients like protein and a variety of vitamins from the vegetables!

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Protein Packed Meatless Monday Walnut & Almond Lettuce Wraps


When I discuss the benefits of going meatless one day a week to support the Meatless Monday’s Campaign, I am faced with people who suddenly care so much about getting enough protein. This is sometimes laughable as if you were to take a look at most people’s diets, they are not doing a great job of getting enough nutrients in anyways eating processed foods and meals with little nutritional value. However, there are also those who take care of their bodies and workout regularly who are genuinely concerned with muscle support…to these fit people I can promise you that it is possible to get protein in without eating meat. Especially simply giving it up one day peer week!

Check out this recipe (which is DELICIOUS by the way!)

Walnut & Almond Lettuce Wraps


Packing Your Child’s LunchBox & Avoiding Hidden Sugars

Checkout my recent article published on the fabulous site Slowstruck!
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Think you know sugar? Think again…


We all know that too much sugar is bad for our health…but did you know sugar is hidden in more ways than you can imagine – in foods that many people have for decades been taught are healthy – and they should be! Follow my blog for updates on the truth behind what’s in your food and see my recently published article about the impacts of sugar beyond your health! And there are many! It’ll have you questioning why we still demand the stuff! See here for my recently published article!


Olive it road show

I am so excited to be able to offer Food Girl readers the chance to win this extraordinary experience! It’s a foodie’s dream and I will be so jealous of the winner!

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